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POLL 2: Since the government has closed the Newcastle Rail Line, what route do you want the light-rail to take between Wickham & Newcastle Stations?

POLL 3: Should the Powerhouse stay in Ultimo (Sydney CBD) or move to Parramatta (western Sydney)?

POLL 4: Should the NSW government privatise government public transport in NSW?

POLL 5: Should Greyhound Racing be banned in Australia, as proposed by the New South Wales government?

POLL 6: Should Australia leave the United Nations?

POLL 7: Should the NSW privatise the state’s hospitals

POLL 8: Should the [“former”] Newcastle rail corridor be rezoned?




POLL 1 (NOW CLOSED): Poll question: Should the NSW Government officially close the Newcastle Rail Line? RESULTS WERE: NO = 93.18%, YES = 6.82%

Poll results are now hidden to stop any “influence” one way or the other, before voting.